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Habits of Successful People [Infographic]

As IT professional we just don’t need technical skills. We need others skills (non-technical) to be a more productive and be successful. See below the habits of successful people. Image source: Advertisements

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What you need to know about Phishing. [Infographics]

Here’s a very cool infographic about phishing and ways you can protect yourself online. Infographic by Digital Guardian

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Cyber Security. Protect yourself online. Here’s How. [Infographic]

Being online exposes us to a lot of threats. Here’s how you can protect yourself. Click the infographic to learn more about Utica College

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Don’t be afraid of failure. [Infographic]

To be successful we should accept failures and learn from our failures. Look at some famous people who encountered failures but came out successful. Source:

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Data Centers. The Brains of Operations. [Infographics]

A great infographics below on what is a Data Center. See the components of a Data Center. Image source:  

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Data Centers. What, Where, and Who uses it? [Infographic]

Data centers are where servers are located. Servers processes all the software, and data that we uses everyday. Take a look at interesting facts about data center from the infographic below. Source:

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CPU and RAM. The Evolution. [Infographics] below a brief history of Computer Processors and RAM (Memory). See how CPU and RAM improved for more speed and more storage capacity of RAM. The infographic below also shows how expensive RAM before and how it declines as

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Ten ways to become a more confident person [Infographic]

In your professional life you will need confidence and here are 10 ways you can try to be a more confident person. 6 Great Ways to Conquer Your Fears [Infographic] by the team at Vegas Extreme Skydiving

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A timeline of Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

From our previous post of Artificial Intelligence we learn what AI machines can possibly do. In this post we will learn a little more about of Artificial Intelligence from when it started and the advances made in AI. Source:LiveScience

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A modern guide to Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence as defined by Techopedia as an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work  and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include: Speech recognition, Learning, Planning,

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