Welcome to Information Technology Infographics!

This blog is all about Information Technology presented in infographics format. In this site we will explore what is Information Technology, how it works, careers in IT, what IT means to you, why is IT important, why do we need IT, the history and future of IT.

Information Technology Infographics also includes self-development or self-improvement. As an IT professional, skills other than technical must be developed like communication, decision making, business skills, teamwork, adaptability, and even making of resume.

Why build this site?
This site exists to collect all infographics related to Information Technology and self-improvement. Lots of information exists on the internet about Information Technology and self-improvement but creating a website dedicated to these topics helps readers to find the information faster and learn better in just one location.

Why infographics?
A picture is worth a thousand words as we know it. Simply put a picture or image conveys message better than text only. We learn better and faster using images. Information Technology can sometimes be complex or maybe intimidating but infographics can help in understanding and retaining the information to our mind easily.

Join me as we explore Information Technology and self-improvement. All are welcome to visit this site, from IT experts to new IT graduates and even to those who intends to join I.T. I hope you enjoy this site and learn something from it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or comments about this site. You may also leave your comments on posts on this site.

Most of the infographics comes from other sources. All links are properly created to point to the original source. There will be links on this site which are affiliate links that goes to the affiliate site. All affiliate links are properly labeled as affiliate links. Ads may also be displayed but only on locations that will not distract you from reading.

About Me
I’m an I.T. fan. Currently I’m a Network and Systems Administrator. I’m a Computer Engineering graduate that started his IT career as a technical support and a reports developer using Microsoft Access, Excel, Lotus Approach and some other tools. I eventually started to learn Visual Basic, VBA(Macro Programming),  and Java for programming. I went on to learn and use database like Microsoft SQL Server and little bit of Oracle DB. I then learned about Business Intelligence using Cognos and Microsoft Analysis Services. Then I continued my career in learning and supporting Windows servers and network. I earned my CCNA certification during the year 2013. I was exposed in technologies like VMWare virtualization, firewall, and server hardware(IBM). I have worked already for a well-known coffee brand, a multinational logistics company, and a local supermarket chain.

I’m now a AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and beginning to explore other services of AWS.

In I.T. there is so much to learn and explore and some of them may not be easy sometimes to understand but if you persevere, it is all possible and it is all worth it!

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