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AWS Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam

Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam Download Now (Includes Part 1 and Part 2 Practice Exam) Format: PDF Part 1 – 74 Questions Part 2 –  62 Questions Prepare for your certification! The Value of AWS Certification AWS

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10 Job Interview Questions plus Answers [Infographic]

Here are tips for you on how to answer common questions during the interview. Image source: Share your thoughts. Leave us a comment.

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How To: Choose the right career for you. [Infographic]

If you are having trouble choosing the right career then this infographic may help you. How to Choose the best career for me by Share your thoughts. Leave us a comment.

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What are the different IT jobs? [Infographic]

If you don’t know or don’t have an idea of the different jobs in IT then the infographic below will help you. The image below gives you a summary of the different jobs available. Source: What are your thoughts?

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Things to do before your job Interview [Infographic]

Be prepared before going to your interview. Here are some of the tips you need to do before the interview. Image source:

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Is there enough jobs or careers in IT? [Infographic]

The answer is a resounding yes. See infographic below. Source:

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Don’t Know What Programming Language Is Right For You? Maybe this can help [Infographic]

There are a lot of programming languages to choose from. Each with its own strengths or capabilities. Let this infographic help you decide which programming to choose from as your career path or to address any of your projects. Image

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Unfamiliar with IT careers? Let this infographics help you.

Image source: Here is another one to help you know more about careers in IT. Image source: You may also try a career in Data Science. Image source: Here is a short video on careers in Information Technology. Let us

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What are the typical salaries in IT? [Infographic]

Still the highest earners are those related to software (e.g. Programming or Analyst).   Image source:

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IT Cloud Migration: Should you be worried about your job? [Infographic]

More and more IT infrastructure are already moving to the Cloud due to security and ease of operations. But this has created worries that some IT professionals will lose their job. On the contrary their will be new opportunities like

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