A timeline of Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

From our previous post of Artificial Intelligence we learn what AI machines can possibly do. In this post we will learn a little more about of Artificial Intelligence from when it started and the advances made in AI.

A timeline of developments in computers and robotics.

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A modern guide to Artificial Intelligence [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence as defined by Techopedia as an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work  and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include: Speech recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem Solving.

In other words machines that can learn and make decisions. Learn more about artificial intelligence from our infographic below.

artificial intelligence

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Stages of a crypto-ransonware. [Infographic]

WannaCry and Petya are ransomware that encrypts all your files and will demand payment so you can unlock your files. Know more about what is a ransomware here. The infographic below also provides ways on how to stay safe from ransomware.

Stages of a cryto-ransonware

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What you need to know about ransomware. [Infographic]

In this infographic Trend Micro explains what is a ransomware and ways on how you can protect your computers or networks.

Ransomware 101: What, How, and Why

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How to be a great employee. [Infographic]

Technical skills are important, but other skills are important as well. Read the infographic below on what areas you can improve on.

10 Admirable Attributes of a Great Employee

This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee pulse survey platform that encourages people to be healthy, happy and productive at work while boosting employee engagement.

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Phishing attacks and how to avoid them. [Infographics]

There are so many ways criminals can steal your personal information or your valuable data. Read the infographics below on how you can prevent criminals from stealing your precious information.

Phishing Attacks and How to Stay Safe

Image source: www.cloudpagesforwork.com

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What is Cloud Computing? [Infographics]

You probably heard about cloud computing and the benefits it brings to us. Here’s an infographic on what is Cloud computing in an easy to understand graphic.

Everything You Need to Understand Cloud Computing

Via Salesforce

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Tips on how to avoid computer camera hacking. [Infographics]

Are Today’s Cameras Cybersecure? 10 Tips to Avoid Camera Hacking

Are Today

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Do you know how search engines work? [Infographics]

Learn how internet search engines work. It looks so simple yet complicated. Algorithms behind it are getting better at getting the relevant results. Read more below.

The Science Behind Google
University of Alabama at Birmingham Online

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Habits of Successful People [Infographic]

Do you want to be successful? Then try these 10 powerful habits.

Habits of Successful People

Image source: addicted2success.com


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